Your donation is very important to the lives of our future. Given back has always been the key to blessings and reaping what you have sown. Think about the impact you can make on the life of a victim of trafficking or a minor child that has lost their way for varies reasons. 


You can donate how you want when you want by selecting where you want your donation to go. Your choice means the world to you.  You can choose from.


  • Support Victims of Sex Trafficking

  • Support delinquent/ at-risk youth

  • Supportive Transitional Housing​

  • All of the above

  • In-Kind Donations 

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Sponsorship funds is a big help to clients. It helps can be used to support women and or children in need of services. You can sponsor a child or an individual in need and be the successor of their success story. 


Making a difference can be as simple as buying a pair of shoes. 


But saving lives leaves a legacy for new beginnings. Sponsor a family or individual in need and build your legacy for a new tomorrow. 


Sponsors receive legacy awards that last a lifetime.


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Clapping Audience

Members are those that contribute financially, in- kind and or volunteer. Members are apart of the task force and have many perks with events and activities. 

Memberships meet board members, receives updated information on the organization, newsletters and play a role in building strong families. 


Members have in-site on upcoming events and rewards and can have a percentage investment in the company. Member funds assist with programs and capital to keep effective operations for successful business outcomes. 


We can't do it without you. It takes a village to raise a child. Be a part of the village today. Click the picture for more information.


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